Energy Engineering

Our focus with Energy Engineering at Q3inc is how to efficiently implement and deliver cost effective renewable energy. There has been greater focus on energy efficiency as we hold down the overall cost of living. We work with you to find the better solutions for your home and business.

There are key benefits to renewable energy:
  1. Environmental Benefits- Clean source of energy with minimal environmental impact
  2. Jobs and Economy- Creates more local jobs and fuels local economies
  3. Energy Security- Decrease our dependence on foreign resources

At Q3 Inc, our energy projects and consulting services include Energy Audits, Lighting and HDVC systems.

Energy Auditing

Q3 Inc auditors perform on-site energy audits to fully understand and identify opportunities for money savings that’s right for you.

Based on the assessment, the energy audit provides you with:
  • Current Business or Home Energy use
  • Assessment of cost-effective options
  • Financial incentives for improvements
  • Audit and improvement schedule



Our objective is to optimize a home or building’s energy consumption. We provide lighting retrofit options that impact cooling and heating systems to bring you overall cost savings.Energy retrofit can typically save 20% to 50% in electrical energy consumption for lighting. Our engineers work in accordance with industry best practices to ensure home or business’s retrofit project is managed well and executed in a timely manner.

Our services include:
  • Energy Efficiency Program Design, Planning and Implementation
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Energy Efficiency Design and Build

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